Boy am I happy to see you....

Thanks for popping by the site of comedian Tony Vino. Have a look around and once you have either bought something or booked to come see me live you are free to leave.

What I Get Up To

In between breathing these are the main things I do in order to existentially justify myself….


I have been a pro stand-up for over 14 years now. So long I’m no longer qualified to do anything else. Lets hope artificial intelligence doesn’t advance to the point where  there are cybernetic comedians or we are all out of a job. 


I run workshops on performance techniques as well as joke writing. Usually in a group but I can work with people one on one if you don’t like crowds (although that could make performing an issue). 


Thats my fancy word for booking comedians to perform at shows. I’ve been curating comedy nights for as long as I’ve been a comedian running 100’s of shows up and down the country in theatres, bars, festivals and sporting venues. My agency is called Just Fair Laughs, check it out.   

It's a Guy Thing

I’m passionate about male spirituality and run an annual mens retreat with Mark Cowling a vicar friend of mine. Its called Journey Into The Wild and is held at a retreat centre near Huddersfield. It should really be called Journey Into The Peak District but that didn’t strike me as manly enough. 

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From Stage to Page

Outside of the 30 minutes I spend on stage two or three times a week I manage to carve out time to write about stuff (I know what an achiever!). Here are a selection of my latest writings…lets call it The Incomplete Works of Vino.    

Calling All Blokes

I’m hosting a monthly gathering of men who want go deep, share  stories, listen to poetry and music. It’s Called Men Behaving Vulnerably. Check it out. 

Clean but not hygenic....

Early in my career I decided it would be a good move to make act clean. No effing and Jeffing, or crude material. It has paid off because it means I play a wide range of venues from shows in comedy clubs, to churches, holiday resorts and after dinner events. I even have a comedy show for kids.